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20 questions a woman should ask herself (question no. 1)

Instead of staring into space or willing the traffic to move, I bring my pinkpad with me on my everyday commute and listen to podcasts or read books or magazines. Today, I read the February 2011 edition of O, The Oprah Magazine which was a free download. I especially liked Martha Beck’s column May We … Continue reading

a bit scary experience

Scared myself big time yesterday for almost blacking out while inside the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). I had a bad case of stomach cramps then felt nauseous. My vision became blurry. I was thinking of telling the ladies near me that I was about to faint but I felt I could not trust anybody at … Continue reading

the promise a cloud holds

I wrote this ‘short story’ some time in high school. The Promise A Cloud Holds Lianne Valdez 1998 Intense heat radiated from the sun yet I felt a spine-chilling breeze envelop my whole being. Today’s the 3rd day of the last week of March. Periodical tests were finally over so here I am sitting on … Continue reading

the young ‘poet’ in me

While visiting home briefly for the wake of a dear aunt, I decided to dig up my old journal which contained poems and short stories I conjured in my high school years. I also have one bound collection of my own ‘masterpieces’ aptly titled ‘Thoughts and Memories’. I believe I was a better writer when … Continue reading

i am a drama queen (a repost)

For a person like me who has this constant need to reinvent and improve* herself, writing is therapeutic and sharing my thoughts to those who care to read is relieving. I’ve been gone for a while. Way back, I felt a need to keep my thoughts to myself. I was hurting then and seeing my … Continue reading

the roller coaster ride called life

I have come a long way. There was a time (seems like a hundred years ago) when I wanted to ask God to stop the ride and let me get off. I fervently wished I would drop dead to end my misery. I’m glad I didn’t. I’m truly grateful that I held on and let … Continue reading

an embarrassing confession

I used to join beauty contests. Please don’t laugh. I did! Yes I had guts, back in the days when shame and pressure of societal expectations were not yet part of my vocabulary, when fear of disappointment and failure were still strangers to me. What a fun opportunity it would be to be a kid … Continue reading

daydreaming of the beach on a rainy day

I love the sun, sand and sea and how those elements fuel my imagination. My fondest memories of summer are those spent in a beach in La Union with relatives. A few grade school summers were spent frolicking under the sun, almost drowning from the huge waves, and running freely barefoot in the sand. I … Continue reading

my money mishaps

I was never good with money. I remember when i was a kid, a then-childless aunt would occasionally borrow me. I would sleep over and we’d say the rosary before we go to bed. I knew the rosary by heart then and my auntie would let me lead as we pray for her special intentions. … Continue reading

true color

I love my hubby and his passionate mind, especially his appetite for learning and sharing. Just this morning he tweeted the link on how to find one’s passion by zen habits, as a friend and i were discussing about finding our life’s passion. Last week, I’ve been intrigued by the November 2010 issue of O, … Continue reading