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countdown 22: multi-tasking and forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is one of my flaws. Just tonight, I misplaced my husband’s umbrella. I will have to replace that bit-expensive piece of an umbrella. Yesterday, I also had a memory lapse and forgot to retrieve my ID from the building concierge. I will have to go back for it tomorrow. Very inconvenient. My most painful … Continue reading

countdown 24/23: reality and realizations

I missed a day! Day 24 was just too full for me so I wasn’t able to post a blog, but let me play catch-up. Saturday is almost over. Our family spent most of the day lounging in bed and catching up on sleep. The toddler is still keeping us up at night. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

countdown 25: disappointments and dreams

25 days to go before my 30th and i’m in a bit of blog drought. I’m disappointed that the Azkals did not win. I never got this involved in sports in a while, except of course for Manny Pacquiao’s bouts. I have had my share of disappointments – more than enough to keep me grounded … Continue reading

countdown 26: leaps of faith

Let’s just say that the events of today will lead to a turning point in my life soon. I am fond of second chances and new beginnings. If I look back at my previous blogs, I would note a number of posts on new chapters and “i’m-back moments”. It’s true, I have made mistakes. I … Continue reading

countdown 27: gratitude in parenthood

I am not feeling well today. My body is crumbling from the past sleep-deprived nights and I can feel my emotions near breaking point. Being a working parent is indeed not an easy role to fill. I’m grateful I have my husband to share the responsibility of child-rearing with. I remember when I was in … Continue reading

countdown 28: living my life

“Life would be so great if I could just win the lotto! ” I think I wasted too much energy of late from wishing I would suddenly become a millionaire. This wishful thinking made me realize that I am getting a little desperate and that contrary to what I should be doing, I am not … Continue reading

countdown 29: my fears

The countdown to my 30th birthday continues. Day 29 – my fears I spent less than an hour today with my toddler in the mall playground for kids. He was so excited to try everything, from the slide to the hanging tube. He was a bit cautious when walking through the hanging bridge but he … Continue reading

mom me: sleepless nights

I’ve known it all along but i’m only gonna admit it out loud now – i’m an incompetent mom. I’m not saying it in an i’m-in-self-pity mode but as-a-matter-of-fact so that in admitting the problem, I may be empowered to address it. I had a very good yaya the first year of my baby’s life. … Continue reading

countdown 30: New 7 Wonders of the World

I’m turning thirty only once, so let the countdown begin! No, I won’t be doing anything grand or expensive. I will celebrate my birthday with my parents and siblings at home in the province. Planning is simple – I texted my mama and well, she’ll take care of everything else as she always does. Thank … Continue reading

why worry? (question no. 3)

Question no. 3 in Martha Beck’s Yours for the Asking article is: Why worry? I worry. I worry every now and then. Especially when it comes to my son. I worried and cried and prayed so hard for each time he fell off the bed or bumped his head or he was sick and brought … Continue reading