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countdown 6: life’s sweet surprises

Life is full of pleasant surprises!

Today, my husband successfully passed his oral comprehensive examination (OCE) for his masters in business administration. He was apprehensive about it especially because I was scheduled for surgery in the week of his OCE. He had to bring his laptop to the hospital to finish and polish his presentation. But he did it nonetheless, as I knew he would.

A few minutes ago, I received an email with the subject: Congratulations Good Housekeeping Survey Winner! Apparently, I won some nice prize in their Reader Survey. I honestly did not believe that I’d win something from answering the survey. I somehow did and this makes me believe in sheer luck again.


Yesterday in the hospital, we anxiously waited for the final statement of account, keeping our fingers crossed that our meager savings will be enough to cover for any medical expense in excess of my HMO card limit. To our surprise, despite of the doctor’s estimate, we didn’t have to shell out any cash. I had my surgery in a premiere hospital under a very competent doctor using the latest technology and with quality service from the nurses and aides – for free! Life couldn’t get any better. Thank you Lord and thank you to my husband’s employer for my hmo coverage.

Most of all, I’m experiencing pain and discomfort a lot less than I expected. The surgery went successfully. And even though we’re still awaiting the result of the pathology on the cyst, I’ve got a lot of reasons to hope for the best and to relish the gladness of the present.


Thank you to our friends and family for the love and support. You help make life’s challenges easier to hurdle.


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i try to capture whatever sparks the light in me. i am a drama queen and this is my personal soapbox.


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