There are times our lights go out and we need just a tiny little spark

to ignite our passion and set us sparkling again.

…this is my sparkplug.

Oftentimes, we make desirable discoveries by accident. It could be fate, destiny, good fortune or sheer luck.

We age every year but we gain wisdom at the most unconventional of times or when we least expect it.

Sometimes we stumble upon things and ideas that are fascinating or entertaining. They tickle our fancies. Some are entertaining, others informative. Some are reminiscent of the past, others are suggestive of the future.

We trip over something that makes us think or tick.  Those discoveries spark a light in us that somehow inspire us to act, move, achieve, dream or merely spend. 🙂

sparkplug is for those every day discoveries and realizations – a vault of “aha” moments and sparkling thoughts and ideas that can be revisited, applied and adapted in the most appropriate times, and repository of wisdom gained through the years of living life and loving it despite and in spite of.



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