i try to capture whatever sparks the light in me. i am a drama queen and this is my personal soapbox.
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i have moved

Hey, I have moved my blog to head over heels! Please do visit! Advertisements

i have moved

I have moved my blog to a new home – head over heels! Please do visit.

hospital arrest

Apparently, we’re going to spend our third night here in the hospital. It’s our first staycation for the year, probably our 10th (or more) in the last 3 years. It’s a becoming family tradition which we are trying and praying hard to break. This should be the last one. Our youngest is sick – down … Continue reading

helmet diving in boracay, an OA account

Warning: OA account I am a sissy. And there’s something about the sea and huge waves that make me think of morbid thoughts. But I survived my first helmet dive! Hooray! When I first heard of helmet diving, I thought people were brought down into a huge controlled aquarium (think ocean park or ocean adventure) … Continue reading

wanted: energy

I agree with Gretchen Rubin when she tackled vitality first in her happiness project. Just 3 days to go before the formal start of my project and i’m still trying to harness all the energy I can muster. First on my list, which seems so difficult to accomplish, is sleeping early. Since I went back … Continue reading

thank God it’s Friday!

There is something seriously wrong with me these days. This morning, I spent almost an hour going through my meagre wardrobe looking for something that would fit. Gaining weight is proving to be a constant source of frustration. I need more Zumba sessions and more discipline to lose my belly fats (from pregnancy) and some … Continue reading

here i go again

(This is a repost from my other blog. For the past weeks, i have created 2 new blogs with posts about my happiness project. I wanted to start fresh. I wanted some anonymity. But now i’m getting confused trying to maintain 3 blogs.) Here I go again. It is tax season and i’m stressed and … Continue reading

chasing dreams

merryli, merrily we roll along chasing dreams. 🙂

Oftentimes, we make desirable discoveries by accident. It could be fate, destiny, good fortune or sheer luck. Sometimes we stumble upon things and ideas that are fascinating or entertaining. They tickle our fancies. Some are entertaining, others informative. Some are reminiscent of the past, others are suggestive of the future. We trip over something that … Continue reading

So much to do, so little time

I barely have free time. And during those rare times that I do have free time, I don’t get anything done. I want to do so much that I end up… browsing and reading celebrity tsismis at or reading Star and OK magazines. 🙂 Entertaining but hardly productive. It’s been months since I finished … Continue reading