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People are staring at me. My head is aching. My face feels weird from the anesthesia which is now starting to wear off. My lesions are starting to hurt and itch. Ouch! I had my facial warts removed today and i’m making a ‘drama’ out of it. The drama queen has found time for drama. … Continue reading

a powerful prayer

I’m not a devout catholic and therefore, I am not a prayerful person (in its strict form). I do pray, but of the free-form kind, mostly in a conversational form with God. But there is one prayer a friend of mine taught me (about 4 years ago) that I would like to recall to mind. … Continue reading

and finally – the big 3-0!

And finally (drum rolls please)… the most-awaited day arrives! Today is my 30th birthday. Yey! The past thirty days of self-reflection, leading to my birthday, was enriching and engaging for me. In a way, by the means of my blog posts, God has prepared me for the trouble that was to come halfway through my … Continue reading

countdown 1: i’m 29 until further notice!

Finally got the surgical pathology results on my dermoid cyst today. I’ve waited with bated breath for this and at last, the doctor says its BENIGN. I got my birthday wish a day before my birthday. Sweet! Two specimens were taken from my ovary. The smaller tissue (4.5 x 2 x 0.8 cm) appears to … Continue reading

countdown 2: what’s in a name?

No post for day three because i’m not feeling well. I’m down with colds and sore throat, which I hate much more than my surgical wounds. Let it remain a gap in my countdown to remind me that 30 days before my birthday, I had one really bad day. I must admit, when I started … Continue reading

countdown 4: same old me

I’m going over my previous blogs and notes and is quite amused with myself. Here are two of my previous posts: August 8, 2010, 11:21 am 2 years ago I thought I was having a quarter life crisis. I think I still am. I think I always will be. The truth is, I’m crazy and … Continue reading

countdown 5: circle of friends through the years

My most enduring relationship (aside from my family) is my friendship with my high school barkada. Even though I rarely keep in touch with them (blame it to my anti-social tendencies), they are omnipresent in my life especially during the moments that matter. Oh, we used to have a lot of conflicts and a good … Continue reading

countdown 7: some drama after surgery

It’s been a day after my laparoscopy and I’m now experiencing bouts of pain and moments of sadness. The doctor switched me to oral pain medication after discharging me from the hospital. But I couldn’t complain, the pain is more tolerable than I expected. God is indeed good all the time. My doctor said it … Continue reading

countdown 8: the day I had my surgery

It was a warm day and I was running carefree on the grass. I came across a clear stream and dipped both of my feet in the shallow water. I was about to touch the water when I felt someone tugging on my shoulders. “Wake up Lianne, we’re done. The cyst has been removed. You’re … Continue reading

countdown 9: day 1 in the hospital

Day 1 in the Hospital August 14, 2011 Before 6 pm today, I got admitted at St. Luke’s Hospital for my laparoscopy tomorrow. It felt more like going to a hotel for a vacation rather than a hospital. I did not feel nervous at all. I believe I can tolerate anything that is less painful … Continue reading